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Working on a thing

2015-12-22 14:34:34

I am participating on a project called Hacks, if you by any chance want to participate too, that would be nice.

I like the idea that we could combine all Hackathon news sites, and allow you to find the next one (locally) via a terminal.

We are currently considering moving towards a server/client structure, because the client-only approach would break when the sources change just a little...

Just a few hours later

2015-12-21 23:05:38

Now I've come to terms with what I done today.
I am proud. Some things worked, some did not.

I am not jet used to writing stuff here, similarly to how I am afraid to twitter.


2015-12-21 17:22:57

The escaping should now happen at the right times..
Not like before...

This gets more solid

2015-12-21 17:21:06

This is a test whether or not NEW
LINES are working...
Yes, this is a dev blog!

Version --> 0

2015-12-21 16:37:09

This looks like it is working! Amazing!


2015-12-21 16:07:26

Welcome to my blog. This is trying out new things. Like this: -->