top-N things that improved my coding

this list is divided into two parts, the things or programs that I found, and useful practices.

I will be adding things as time goes on.

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things I found

Atom editor


Awesome open source resource for converting between file formats for presenting stuff or sending docs around.

Fira Code font

It's a open source font which offers you the use of nice looking ligatures specially made for coding. Have a look at it.

Use hub instead of git

hub is a smarter version of git. It does everything that git does on it's own (really, because it's just an extension), and a bit more. It's made for use with GitHub. It sometimes offers a nice shortcut for frequent inconveniences.
  1. Download hub binaries
  2. Alias hub as git
  3. Add autocompletion
1. download your binary and execute installer
gzip -d hub-*-*.tgz
tar xvf hub-*-*.tar
cd hub-*-*/ sudo ./install
2. add this to ~/.bashrc
eval "$(hub alias -s)"
3. add this to ~/.bashrc
if [ -f /path/to/hub.bash_completion ]; then
. /path/to/hub.bash_completion
after that, you're good to go!

things i do

keep an usb stick

with portable versions of all the software you usualy use. Also make a directory with all your git repositories, so you can update it from everywhere, keep working or copy it to a local directory.

use git(hub)

this goes without saying, but have a look at "hub", it's a nice tradeoff. Or just use the desktop version or git itself from the command line.

write a blog / regularly tweet

apart from letting others know your opinion, and feeling like you're participating in this social "game" we seem to be playing, frequently stating your own opinion not only opens up the possiblity that others might tell you about something new, it also let's you think about what you are doing. This means that you are more likely to make any (mental) process when you are writing in some form, and also you might make new friend- or co-worker-ships.

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